Conveniently Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan


CNC Milling

Proficient Machining has CNC milling and Drilling capacity of up to 20” x 50” x 20”. Our variety of high speed machines are equipped with 4 and 5 axis tables, automatic tool changers, probing systems, high pressure coolant systems and much more. We have an impressive selection of manual and hydraulic fixtures that allow us to effectively produce your parts. These machines are all programmed offline using the latest in CAD/CAM software producing the most efficient tool paths in the industry.


CNC Turning

Proficient Machining has a wide variety of lathes that can bar feed up to 3” diameter, with a turning capacity of 12” diameter, and 20” long. Our lathes are equipped with quick change, multi-station turrets, auto-parts loading, automatic bar feed systems, c-axis/live tooling and tail stocks just to name a few. Our lathe work holding options vary from simple chucking to collet chucks and high precision ID mandrels. Just like our advanced CNC mills our lathes are programmed offline using the latest in CAD/CAM software.



Here at Proficient Machining, we offer welding services of various materials. Our personal welding specialists are certified to AWS D.1.1. By offering these services we can produce a completed welded part, saving you the time and hassle of sending parts back and forth between machine shop and welding source.



Proficient Machining also offers the distinct advantage of providing a fully assembled product. After the parts are machined to exact specifications, post processed as needed, we will assemble and package the parts and send you a completed product, saving you a lot of logistical challenges. One call and you have it all.



When you have an idea, we will help you turn it into reality. By utilizing our experienced personnel and advanced software packages, we can help you formulate that idea into a cost effective marketable product. Our CAD/CAM systems allow us to optimize the manufacturing processes off-line long before we start production.


Support / Services

Along with everything else that we offer, Proficient Machining also has a variety of support equipment for prepping blanks, completing parts, single parts, and odd jobs. We have manual mills, lathes, tapping machines and de-burring equipment. Proficient Machining can also procure a wide range of services through our established relationships with select post-machining processors, such as plating, anodizing, oxidizing, heat-treating, etc.